I drove to DHL because since the package arrived on a Friday it wouldn’t be delivered to me until Monday. And there is no way in hell I was about to wait an extra 2 days, my cortisol was through the roof and my tummy was over it. I handed over my license and caught a glimpse of my photo in the process. Jesus, I look like a criminal. No wonder they rejected me twice before lol, I’d probably reject me too. Then I sat down shaking, waiting to hear my name and receive the package. I jumped out my skin when he said my name. Like when you’re in class and the professor asks a question and you have absolutely no clue what the question even is, far less the answer – so you look down to avoid eye contact, yet still they always call on you.

The bright yellow envelope with my passport inside gave me butterflies and I gently put it to sit next to me in the passenger seat. I promised Bo I’d wait until we were together to open it. My stomach sank and I knew that if the traffic lasted more than 30 minutes I’d have to find some random shop along the highway and beg them to use their bathroom lol. Deep breaths Steffi.

I finally reached to Bo’s house and we made a promise that no matter what this paper said, we would do everything we can to make this work. He opened the envelope while I sat, stifling with anxiety.






I got the visa.

We hugged each other tight and my eyes flooded while a mixture of emotions twisted my now overworked tummy. I looked into his bloodshot eyes and felt the pain but I have confidence that we will figure out a plan that works for us. Because that’s what you do. The best things in life aren’t easily attained but are worth every second of the sacrifices you make to get there.

Now, it’s time to get on with it … one month to sort out MobiVet, book flights, find a new home and find Bo a job!

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