Charlie: Unzips my onesie and points at my boob. “Look mum, it’s your elbow!”

Me: In stunned silence, mouth hanging slightly open for a moment. “Babe…2 things. 1- You must never, ever unzip someones top like this under any circumstances. (When he hits puberty we can discuss consent and other cringe-worthy topics in more depth, bleuh). 2- This is not an elbow…this is a boob.” Then showed him his elbow.

Charlie: “I like your boo” with the biggest cutest smile on his face.

Me: Zips back up onesie, aware that he has no idea what I was just talking about. “Should…should we go make some breakfast?”

Charlie: “Sounds plan Stan”

Me: Grrrrreat… Because what even…just happened…What do I…

Just, I don’t know. Lol.

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